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Capitevo AB is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and is an investment holding company that has a strong focus on the constant development, expansion, and acquisition of data center infrastructure in the Nordic countries, for use by our subsidiary businesses in servicing the needs of their respective customers.


Our company has made successful investments in Blockchain Co-Location Services, and has committed to the expansion of our Data Centre Services offering to include Enterprise data centre roles such as Co-Location, Cloud Services, High Performance Computing (HPC), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) through a number of strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and development of new infrastructure.  

Business Focus

Delivering on Operational Excellence

Organic Expansion of our Businesses

Diversification of Service Offerings

Regular Acquisitions & Investment into our Subsidiaries

100% Renewable Energy

Deriving Team & Shareholder Value


We have invested in a number of diversified crypto-currency mining & service providers. Together, we have the right solution for your business!

Crypto-Currency & Blockchain Services

The first of our 3 blockchain mining phases is currently online. The remaining phases are scheduled to be deployed in Q4 2020, and will utilise all of the remaining site capacity.

We have a secured capacity of 11MW today, and are working on the build-out of an additional 21MW in Iceland.

Co-Location Services

We are able to provide ASIC Miner co-location services to enterprise and institutional customers through our specialized subsidiary in northern Sweden.

Pending some closing actions, this site features 21MW of useable mining capacity and we are working on the rollout of an additional 50MW over the next 12 months.

Cloud Based & MaaS Services

Capitevo has acquired the intellectual property that will run our transparent cloud, Mining as as Service (MaaS), and hashrate rental offerings.

This business is currently in development and will be released in Q4 2020.




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